Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nail Strips

Make me stop buying Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Seriously, they are garbage. The cheapies at the dollar store have a better record for working for me and they do not cost a mini fortune!

I have been using nail strips for a few years. I'm not great at painting my nails. I'm not crazy about keeping them painted all of the time either. Nail strips are quick, and not so messy. I have used several brands including some Halloween print from Wal-Mart that cost less than 50 cents on clearance. So far my LEAST favorite is the MOST expensive ones I've tried... Sally Hansen. WTF?

I tried Laced Up on my thumb, which is usually the one nail I can get to work with any brand... nope, so I just stopped there. I tried Love Lacey and wasted a whole pack and only managed to get my left pinky and thumb covered.

So why did I bother paying so much, twice? Because I found a pack at the dollar store, Brattle Snake, and besides the stink, they worked amazingly. I thought then, that they were worth paying for since I got a complete set out of that pack (all nails covered) and they lasted through the first night without ripping. So, yeh, I went out and paid (TOO MUCH) for the 2 lacey prints. I got Laced Up cheaper at CVS on some sale, still too expensive considering they don't freakin' stick.

I picked up some Revlon Nail Art 3D Jewels Sticker Candy Vibes in Sprinkles at the dollar store last visit, and while a bit stiff, they went on and stayed on without much issue. The sides of most nails had folds in them where they bunched instead of being able to lay flat. The glue would be exposed and turn black- I kept lifting it to scrape that off cause it looked a little gross.

These were much thicker than the Sally Hansen Strips, which was good and bad. Good because they held together better, didn't rip, and peeled off as a big sticker when I was done with them. The thinner strips were better because they mostly fit more snugly to my nails (if they'd stick at all). I am curious if Revlon has a non 3-D version of nail stickers. Maybe the 3-D is what made these SO thick.

Maybe these strips will always be hit or miss and I'll have to just take my chances when using them. I actually prefer to only use a few on each hand as a 'highlight' and paint my other nails solid usually. I really like the lace though and would have loved to have a full set of those (either color). Oh well. I've definitely given up on those... unless I find them at the dollar store again... I may be tempted!

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