Saturday, April 4, 2015

She Bangs

Sometimes I get bored with how I look... don't we all? Or do we? I never learned how to use makeup so I tend to mess with my hair when I get bored like this. Usually dying it, sometimes cutting it. Never styling it, I never learned that either. I'm a heavy abuser of the ponytail.

It's a bit odd, me getting bored with how I look, because I don't really look in mirrors. Never have, why bother now? My sister met an old lady that apparently looked very young and reminded her of me, especially when she said she didn't look in mirrors. My sister carried on about that for 20 minutes. She was either drunk or really amazed, or both. I guess I should add that I apparently look young for my age. I don't see it, but I believe the public. Strangers have told me they thought I was in High School or just out... I'm 31. I know it should be a compliment, but it doesn't feel like one... I'm a damn woman. Ha.

Anyway, truth is, I don't recognize myself by how I look. It's not what I identify as 'me'. I don't know if that is because I don't look in mirrors, or if I don't look in mirrors because of that. I don't take photos, but when I see myself in a photo it takes a second for me to recognize myself. I'm not sure if that is a thing (like a mental loopiness) or what... but that's what is going on in my world.

You know what I just considered? Maybe one day I'll find a look that makes sense to me, and when I look in a mirror I will see myself. That didn't happen this week when I dyed my hair a darker shade of red and got myself a fringe. Maybe next time...

I, like most gals these days, can get a bit lost on Pinterest. I don't know, maybe I saw too many bangs floating around my feed, but I started really contemplating bangs. What really caught my eye was bangs and a ponytail. It makes it look like it took more effort than just pulling up a ponytail (at least in my head).

After a spur of the moment pop into Fantastic Sams, I ended up with something like these bangs pictured on Olivia Wilde but not as full... as in you can see more of my forehead.

I think the gal who cut my bangs knew I was new to bangs and didn't want to over do it. I'm glad she went easy on me, I might have hated them and it'd be less hair I'd have to grow back. Turns out, I like them. Sure I didn't become magically beautiful like Olivia there. Or insanely Ka-Ute like Zooey Deschanel, who let's be real, makes every girl want a fringe. But, it was only $5... next time I go I may have her add more to the fringe now that I know I want them.

Nobody bangs like Zooey!

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